A Taxpayer should never represent themselves before the IRS, even in a “correspondence” or letter based audit. Very few people represent themselves in the courts, they hire lawyers, the same principal needs to be followed when you receive an AUDIT or EXAMINATION letter or notice. We will represent you before the IRS. We will speak on your behalf, we know the Tax Code and will make sure that it is properly applied. This will minimize the taxes owed and maximize refunds. We specialize in a broad range of IRS tax controversies, situations where the IRS and you, the taxpayer, have a disagreement. As Enrolled Agents, licensed to practice before the IRS, we will represent your interests, and guard your rights, money and assets. Our expertise spans the areas of:

  • Audit or Examinations
  • Field audits
  • Meeting audits
  • Correspondence audits
  • Audit Reconsiderations
  • Audit Appeals