Undocumented Worker

There are numerous reasons why ‘undocumented’ workers need and want ITIN. Many ‘undocumented’ workers earning wages in the US and want to file tax returns with the IRS to comply with US tax laws. Employers of ‘undocumented’ workers are required to file tax forms for their workers, and must provide the IRS with a valid tax identification number for each contractor or employee. Filing tax returns in the US helps to prove a presence in the USA and also shows respect and compliance with the US tax law. All wages and income earned in the USA is subject to taxation, although there is a minimum dollar amount that must be earned before taxes need to be paid.

Generally the IRS does not share information regarding ‘undocumented’ workers with other branches of the government. Typically a judge must issue a warrant for a department other than the IRS to obtain information in the IRS’ records.

When you apply for an ITIN you not only need to file an Application for ITIN, but you also need to file a separate tax form. The USA has tax treaties with many countries, which allow some income to be non-taxable. Sometimes with the ITIN application there is an income tax return, such as a 1040NR. In all cases the forms are typically prepared and filed by a Certifying Acceptance Agent.

Call John Starnes at (248) 434-3985, People’s Tax Center. He is a CAA, licensed by the IRS to expedite the issuance of an ITIN. He’s the expert.

Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA) are the most experienced and fastest method of obtaining an ITIN. When utilizing a CAA you DO NOT need to surrender or release your passport to the IRS. Applying for an ITIN requires completing multiple IRS tax forms, and having the proper identify documentation. Because the process is difficult and time consuming the IRS has established CAA’s to expedite the issuance of ITINs. The IRS has conducted strict education, testing and background reviews on CAA’s. CAA’s operate with an agreement with the IRS that allows the CAA to review the identification documentation, complete the ITIN application, tax forms, and expedite issuance of an ITIN.