IRS Problems Solved

Audits debt reduction - We resolve IRS problems

We specialize in a broad range of IRS tax controversies, situations where the IRS and you, the taxpayer, have a disagreement.  As Enrolled Agents, licensed to practice before the IRS, we will represent your interests, and guard your rights, money and assets.  Our expertise spans the areas of:

  • Audit or Examinations
    • Field audits, meeting audits and correspondence audits
    • Payroll Tax Trust fund audits (Payroll
    • Worker Classification disputes
  • Collections
    • Offer-in-Compromise
    • Seizures of assets
    • Lien removal or modification
    • Levy removal or modification
    • Garnishment removal or modification
    • Installment Agreements
  • Appeals
    • Audits
    • Collections
    • Any IRS determination or decision
  • Innocent or Injured Spouse