Our tax preparation reduces your current taxes, but tax planning minimizes your future tax liability. When we plan and prepare, we help you proactively manage both your family and your business activities to reduce your taxes to the lowest possible.  No matter who you are, your income source or what curve life has thrown at you, we’ll file and plan such that taxes are worry-free!


Our Clients

Singles Married Couples
Families Widows
Children living at home American’s working overseas
Foreigner working in the USA College Students
Personal Representatives Executors
Partnerships & S Corps Limited Liability Corporations


Their Income

Wages Self-Employment
Pensions Retirement Accounts
Investments Capital Asset Appreciation
Court Judgements Alimony
Grants and Scholarships Inheritances
Gig-economy Rental Income
AirBNB Stocks and Bonds
Interest Dividends
Gambling Commissions
Cryptocurrencies trades Crypto Mining
Canceled Debt Royalties
Partnership Profits S Corp Earnings
Farm and Agriculture Military
Social Security / Railroad Benefits Foreign Pension


Their Lives

Marriage Births
Adoptions Death
Divorce Separation
Education Childcare
College Lawsuits
Bankruptcy Insolvency
Household Help Immigration
Starting Business Business closing
Major Illness Charitable Giving
Retirement Work